About Us

Batipa Field Station (BFS) is financially supported by a network of friends and community members, in association with some affiliate partners, and these are:

Batipa Ecological Foundation 

Batipa Ecological Foundation is an organization devoted to planning, implementing and enhancing sustainable development in the BATIPA-Chiriquí Peninsula. Its social purpose is expressed through the action of companies and projects that promote research, training, entrepreneurship and scientific, social cultural and environmental innovation.

Oteima Technological University

Oteima Technological University is a higher education institution, which has academic, administrative and financial autonomy. Oteima participates in the development of the country, through teaching and research in a multidisciplinary approach. Oteima supports an excellent and inclusive education, social outreach and cultural extension, in a context of genuine cooperation, equity, commitment and social justice in harmony with the environment. Visit our website at: http://www.oteima.ac.pa/


Center for Genetic Research and Animal Reproduction. It was created as an institute of Oteima Technological University to promote and conduct research in cattle genetic and reproduction. CIGRA produces and trades bovine embryos, produced employing in vitro fertilization technique (I.V.F.).

Batipa Forestry Company 

Batipa Forestry is a company devoted to reforestation having more than 25 years of experience and currently managing the Batipa Peninsula in the production and marketing processes of forest species. Batipa Forest Company is also committed to sustainable production of timber, while protecting/conserving 2000Ha.  of mangroves that are part of the batipa Peninsula and 600Ha. of wildlife habitat.

Visit the website at: http://batipaforestal.com/

Dolce Pineapple Co.

Dolce Pineapple Co., Inc. is a corporation dedicated exclusively to the cultivation, harvesting and marketing of premium quality pineapples grown in its own farms. This activity is carried out following the strict standards for environmental protection, as specified by the Rainforest Alliance. Visit the website at: https://dolce-pineapple.com/

The partnership with the organizations listed above aims at strengthening conservations efforts in Panama and fostering eco-tourism, especially within the academic community. In this manner, scholars, professor-type researchers and students can be offered the opportunity of joining a very useful project, for the environment and biodiversity preservation, within the Gualaca Altitudinal Biological Corridor and the Gulf of Chiriquí National Marine Park.


All Batipa Field Station (BFS) staff members work also to protect and maintain natural resources for future generations. This value is essential to our philosophy within the BFS community, as we remain committed to achieve excellence in education and management in support of a sustainable development.

Through academic tourism at BFS we invite our visitors to consider enrolling in courses offered by Oteima University to maximize their experience while experiencing BFS. We are referring to: Spanish language courses at various levels of instruction, and others, such as: Cultural Anthropology, Biogeography of Panama, History of Panama, to learn our culture and customs.

Studying abroad can be a great opportunity to meet new people, visit a new country, while acquiring knowledge in different fields, making new friends and getting exposed to different points of view. This kind of tourism can be transformative in the education of college students! It has the power of fostering new interests, making life-long relationships, while being exposed directly, to the culture and social life of another country and its people.

The experience that students will gain while learning from the members of the Ngöbe Buglé at the Chorcha village is distinctive and life changing.

Check out the FAQs and if you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask. Please contact;

Dr. Francisco Ugel, Provost and Vice-President of Academic Affairs


Phone: +507 67215739

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